By the end of my junior year,

"I had seen about six different doctors at some of Boston’s best hospitals for my extreme fatigue, headaches, and joint pain. I was checked for brain tumors and lupus, but one false negative on a Lyme test and everyone seemed to dismiss the idea that this could be a serious case of Lyme disease. I attended prom in a wheelchair, stopped playing volleyball, and became incredibly depressed as more time passed and no doctor seemed to want to help me. I remember one particularly crushing comment: “You’re just stressed. High school is hard, all this is just in your head.” After months of searching, I heard about Antero healthcare through a family friend, who told me that he was one of the few doctors left who could treat chronic or severe Lyme disease. Sure enough, Dr. Bizilj was the only one who took my pain seriously, and gave me real hope for a future without the horrible pain I was experiencing at the time. Every antibiotic, every natural supplement, he had taken the greatest care in researching and selecting for me. Dr. Bizilj never gives up on his patients, even ones who have been suffering for years without hope, and he is always reading the latest scientific research and attending the top Lyme disease conferences in the country. It was this kind of care and dedication that made me believe that, after so long, I could eventually be a happy and healthy high schooler again. Before I began treatment, I thought I would not be able to graduate or go to college; now I’m considered cured, and am a pre-med student at Colgate University! I truly cannot thank Dr. Bizilj and the Antero team for going above and beyond to work with me, believe in me, and give me my life back."

-KJ from Cape Cod/South Carolina


The Pollansky Family would like to express their gratitude 

"to Antero HealthCare and most importantly Dr. Bizilj.  Not only were all of us cured of our current symptoms after being accurately and thoroughly diagnosed, but the knowledge we acquired  from Dr. Bizilj will benefit us far beyond the office.  We have, and will, continue to encourage people we know and meet to visit Antero HealthCare when we suspect that they may be suffering from Lyme as we can truly speak with experience that Dr. Bizilj can help them.  We have created a relationship with all staff that is truly a blessing.  Again, thank you Antero HealthCare and Dr. Bizilj."

-The Pollansky Family


A coupe of years ago I began 

"having severe pain in my rib cage, back, hips , knees , numb feet and sheer exhaustion.   I considered lyme but my primary doctor thought different and sent me to a neurologist who sent me to a rheumatologist . After a year of 'finding nothing' and feeling worse, I went to Antero Healthcare to pursue the possibility of lyme.   They were so thorough and found lyme and more in my blood work.   Everything was explained and substantiated with medical studies.  After a regimen of botanicals and antibiotics the symptoms are gone and Praise God my energy is back!



I owe my life to Dr. Bizilj -

when I came to him I had Lyme disease for 12 years. I couldn't work, I couldn't really parent. I had a year of Lyme treatment previously with mediocre results.  After 3 weeks of treatment with Dr B I was much more functional.  And after 2 months of treatment I'm back to work and am able to do exercise and activities I haven't been able to do in over a decade. Follow the protocol, listen to Dr B's recommendations and you WILL get better. 

Thank you Dr Bizilj!!!  From the bottom of my heart. " 

- TW from MD 


Dr. Bizilj is a doctor I fully recommend. 

"His passion to treat those with Lyme's and the other tick-borne illnesses clearly shows, from staying up on the very latest research, to his compassionate care and taking personal interest in my recovery.  His efforts to provide on-site laboratory services, botanicals in-house at below consumer cost and constant pursuing of new treatments and ways to cut costs for his patients are evidence of his altruistic character. His support staff also demonstrate a shared vision and compassion for his patients."

 - A very grateful patient from CT


My journey with the experience of Lyme disease has been anything but easy. 

"From multiple medication trials due to inaccurate diagnostic formulations and the complexities of Lyme symptoms, and ultimately the honest desire to not  get up in the morning and just give up. Finally, I attained an appropriate diagnosis in 2013, after years of pain, fatigue, persistent anxiety and depressive states, and many more undesired experiences. In 2015, I was admitted to the Emergency Department due  to painful and persistent chest palpitations, and this led to my first introduction of a truly honest, kind and hopeful practioner, Dr. Charles Bizilj. Most of my past experiences were blatantly judgmental and harsh, as I was receiving picc line IV treatment  at this point. These moments surfaced anger and resentment towards medical practioners in the context of Lyme disease, over time, I have learned that more education is needed in the area. As I sat on the medical table, I explained my story and current symptoms  to Dr. Bizilj. He listened empathetically and accurately reflected my concerns, without an ounce of judgment behind his eyes. At this point, I experienced a new found wave of a feeling that I thought was lost, HOPE. He informed me that I was carrying out a  good treatment plan for Lyme disease, to hold onto faith and hope, and that at some point in his career, he will be seeking to treat Lyme patients, as this was his passion. I did not think anything of this report at the time, other than the fact that I wish  I could find a doctor in the state of Connecticut that provided this degree of hope and empathy. Three years later, I found this healer of Lyme Disease through a moment of true fate. 

At first point of contact, you are greeted warmly by a woman named Annie, whom will help, listen and support in any way that she is able. I tell her and Dr. B often that they are too nice; however this is truly Dr. Bizilj and Annie’s  manner; and I can personally attest to leaving the office with a new found sense of hope and awareness that I will be Ok. They listen, support, and create a wonderful non-judgmental environment. Transitioning to work with Dr. Bizilj has been one of the best  decisions I have ever made and I have no regrets. Each appointment I attend, I learn new up-to-date guidance and research from leading Lyme and tick borne disease professionals all over the country, he supplies his office with naturopathic botanicals at a  more than reasonable price and he has a phlebotomist available for each appointment. Also, when I need help, I can simply text and he responds quickly, and  someone is available by phone every time I call.    

I would strongly recommend Dr. B and his amazing crew (Annie and Leslie) to anyone looking to feel better, feel supported and know that you are being heard."

-SB from Manchester, CT


Earlier this year I went to Antero with a recurrence of Lyme Disease.  

"Dr. Bizilj immediately ordered a barrage of blood work and tests. He took the time to ask me what I was feeling, listened to what I was experiencing and asked even more questions. He also asked my wife questions and was always interested in her point of view. Dr. Bizilj developed a treatment plan and ordered blood work every few weeks to ensure the medication had no adverse effects on my body. Today, with his help and guidance I can say I am feeling 99.9 % back to my old self. My wife and I thank you for your help and will always be grateful!"

-TC from MA


I’m so grateful my naturopath referred me to Dr Bizilj. 

"My journey has been a long one in which I can’t document everything here. The long and short of it is I was sick for 4 years, saw at least 15 docs to try and figure out what was going on with me. Through those years I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, plantar fasciitis, FHL tendinitis, peripheral neuropathy, anxiety disorders... My symptoms were innumerable including (pain, burning and numbness in both feet-my chief complaint), persistent headaches, tingling in my arms and hands, migratory joint and muscle pain, light and noise sensitivity, insomnia, anxiety, depression, irritability etc etc.  

I was beyond relieved when Dr. Bizilj diagnosed me with borrelia miyamotoi (which isn’t detected in conventional medicine’s Lyme testing). I knew it would be a long road to recovery, and still is, but at least I know the cause of how awful I felt for years!!  Within this year that he has been treating me, I’ve told countless people “I never knew I could feel this good”.  Dr Bizilj truly cares and listens to his patients and will do anything he can to restore health." 

- Rhonda from CT 


I've suffered from Lyme disease in some form or another since 2007. 

"I knew I was extremely sick when I passed out while driving my car.  At that time I went through a battery of tests amounting to a full body and body systems workup.  No internal system failures or issues were ever discovered and my GP only lightly touched the subject of “Lyme”.  I did the standard regiment of antibiotics for 6 weeks and once my cerebral angiogram was completed I was allowed to return to driving.  This process in total lasted about 5 months.  Never truly returning to 100% health or feeling really good.

April 2016 I was experiencing “Lyme” type symptoms and returned to my GP for help.  He was helpful as he is allowed in the current medical climate in America.  He did all the right things, seemed to get all the correct tests, send me to all the required specialists.  The problem this time was the fact I wasn’t getting any better as time went by.  I fought with unrelenting headaches, nausea, vomiting, aches in joints that kept me in bed on the best days during the summer.   I struggled to get to work on a regular basis and disguised my discomfort from my clients and customers.  In September a very prestigious Infectious Disease clinic confirmed I had contracted a very bad tick borne illness and admitted they were a bit surprised I was doing as well as I was.  The whole time all of this went, essentially, undiagnosed, untreated by all of the doctors I came in contact with from April to November.  Somehow in November I was starting to feel a bit better, not crippled by the issues.

March of 2017 the symptoms, that had never been truly resolved, returned.  This is when I discovered Antero Clinic.  Yes, Dr. Bizilj is there and he is an absolutely fantastic guy, but this is a team oriented office and a team effort to increase quality of life for everyone that walks through the door;  everyone benefits.  The care contains true empathy, the assessment is quick and non-judgmental and the action plan is clearly communicated and executed swiftly.  Monitoring is expected and welcomed considering “modern” medicine’s approach to this complex issue.

I haven’t felt this good in years.  I’ve returned to my beloved outdoor activities.  Antero has provided the understanding and tools to be able to continue to enjoy my life as I want.

Flat out it’s the most fantastic care I’ve received ever.  I tell everyone about Antero.  Anyone suffering flu like symptoms, unexplained headaches and joint aches should go get checked, you just never know, and there isn’t a better place to go than Antero Healthcare.



In July of 2018 I went to Antero Healthcare.

"A friend had informed me about this clinic with nothing but positive reviews.  The physician in charge is Dr. Charles Bizilj.  The specialty was treating Lyme disease.

I retired from thirty-five years of teaching in June of 2007.  That fall I started having health problems.  I went to the hospital and twice was treated for diverticulitis.  Still having symptoms of chest pains I went to a cardiologist.  I ended up having an angiogram and no heart problems.  Still having stomach issues and acid reflux, I went to a gastro-intestinal group.  They prescribed medicine for the acid reflux and to calm my stomach down.  An endoscopy was performed and detected Barrett’s esophagus.  I then went to a naturopath and through blood tests found I was highly sensitive to gluten.  Taking gluten out of my diet helped a lot, though I still did not feel well.  After more blood work it was detected that I had Lyme disease.  

I went to a Lyme specialist and he prescribed some homeopathic medication.  I took this for a period of time with no positive results, so I stopped.  During this same time, I started having symptoms of anxiety and depression.  My PCP prescribed medication.   This helped a little for a while, but not fully.  I started having severe temporal headaches that would not go away.  Along with this the depression and anxiety returned.  My PCP sent me to a psychiatrist.  Here I was given a different medication for the anxiety and depression.  It eventually became three different types of medications.  They did help, however I was fatigued all the time and had difficulty getting out of bed in the morning.  I would spend days just sitting on the couch.  I was also dealing with a loss of balance and loss of appetite.

This went on for nine years.  It really affected the quality of my life.  Many times, I was unable to attend events with family.  This is when I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Bizilj.  

After going through an extensive interview, it was agreed that we would go “full court press”.  He put me on antibiotics and several supplements.  On each of the following appointments there were little steps of improvement.  By the middle of February, I was well again.  After all those years of sickness and frustration, of no one being able to find an answer to my illnesses, this felt like a miracle.

Dr. Bizilj and his staff at Antero Healthcare create a caring and casual atmosphere.  It is enjoyable to go to my appointments!"



I was referred to Dr. Bizilj from my naturopath after 3 months of seeing my primary care physician, a rheumatologist and an infectious disease doctor all of whom tried to diagnose me with some type of arthritis.

"I tested positive for Ehrlicia but no one seemed to think that my symptoms could be from that.  I had flu like symptoms for a week followed by severe joint pain for months.  I couldn’t walk or move without excruciating pain.  After being referred to Dr. Bizilj, we talked for awhile and he narrowed it down to when he thought I was infected which corresponded with a time I was on a friend’s farm in PA. Everything started to make sense.  He thoroughly described why he had wanted me to take the medications and vitamins that he prescribed so I would know exactly what I was looking at.  He didn’t just tell me what I needed and send me on my way.  He made sure that I knew WHY I was taking these things on a physiological level.  

Within a few weeks I had noticed incredible progress with my joint pain and was very diligent about taking everything just like he told me to do.  Three months later, I am back to my old self and feel 100%.  I cannot thank him enough for listening to me and helping me get better.  I feel very grateful to have found him as quickly as I did and it wasn’t years later.  Thank you!!"